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As we set foot in this house in ruins, we thought about joining a bike café on what was to become our home. A few years of renovation work later, in 2019, we decide to have a try and to take the plunge!

Keen bike riders, for everyday life but also for our holidays, we wish to promote bicycle use by offering a welcoming place, simple but  with strong values.


Our values

We think every individual is responsible for solving environmental issues.


We created the Ravito des Cyclos in order to act for a fair ecological transition, that's why we focus on the following lines:


Local, organic and homemade products

We opt for organic and local food networks as much as we can, in order to reduce our ecological footprint and to protect our health. Pasties and snacks are homemade with simple but healthy products, with no additives or preservatives.

In addition, in order to support local community, we accept the "Stück", our local currency that favours social cohesion and limits speculation.



A "zero waste" approach

No disposable dishes, straws or other short-lived and useless objects at our place! That means that we also ask you to be responsaible for your personal waste and to take it away (except for organic waste).

If you wish to take away leftovers, please don't forget your reusable container!



A "zero engine" site

The concept of our café is to offer refreshment and snacks to bike riders before they hit the road. Motor vehicles are forbidden, in order to protect everyone's ears and lungs!

We are located 1 km away from Ernolsheim-Bruche city center by the canal de la Bruche bicycle path: it is only a 15-minute walk or a 3-minute bike ride!

In order to promote ecotourism and healty hobbies such as walking or cycling, we offer free access to local hiking trail and bike route maps, as well as essential bike maintenance tools.


A local meeting place

In light of rural desertification and closing down of village cafés, our goal is to offer a welcoming place, where people get an opportunity to talk to each other. We also wish to enhance the dynamism of the area by proposing free access events.


Our suppliers

Moulin Burggraf-Becker.png


La Mercière is located in Cosswiller, 20 km away from the Ravito. The brewery is committed to source quality, organic and local products.

They use no food coloring, no flavor enhancer, no added sugar, no glucose, no flavor or foam stabilizer... which makes each of their beers uniques! You will have to come more than one time if you want to try them all! :)

Anstotz vineyard is in Balbronn, on the Alsace wine route. For 4 generations, the family has been operating 15 ha of vineyard, labeled "organic" since 2012.

Alsatian family business located in Sessenheim, it is specialized in developing fruit juices, vegetable juices and ciders for more than 125 years. The Ravito des Cyclos has selected their apple juice (which fruits are mainly produced in Alsatian orchards) and their grape juice, naturals and organics!

For 150 years, Lisbeth produces waters from the Soulzmatt sources, in Haut-Rhin. Proud of its Alsatian identity, the company has developed a range of regional products, such as the Elsass Cola that will quench your thirst as you stop by!

We have selected the Jardins de Gaïa as they have been pioneers, since 1994, in fair trade and organic tea. They favor small producers, lasting relationships, support associations acting for culture, education and environment, and are labeled "Bioentreprisedurable".

SATI, or Société Alsacienne de Torréfaction et d'Importation de cafés, is a family business established in Strasbourg since 1926. At the Ravito des Cyclos, we selected their Moka Sidamo coffee beans, organic and fair trade certified.

Ferme Humbert is an organic dairy farm since1990. Cattle graze in the Val de Villé hills, in the village of Urbeis. The farm has always been practicing an agriculture that benefits concurrently the land, people and animals.

At our place, you will be able to try their delicious sorbets and ice creams, which use no food coloring, no glucose, no emulsifier, no stabilizer, no setting agent, no thickener or other food additive! The ice creams are produced with their eggs and their milk, the ones with fruits include the farm yogurt, and the sorbets are made with their garden raspberries. Simple but succulent!

In 1976, five families without any farming background decide to settle in La Broque in order to live in community, in harmony with nature. They build a GAEC (a group of farmers) and start livestock farming and market gardening. Today, ferme Malplaquet breeds, at an altitude of 650m, cows, goats and sheeps for their milk. The latter is totally transformed in yogurt and various organic cheeses. A nice example of sustainable company offering quality products, affordable and accessible to everyone!

Family business for 4 generations, the mill is located in Dossenheim sur Zinsel, about forty km away from Ernolsheim-Bruche. Transformed cereals are all grown locally, and we use their organic range of products for the pastries and other snacks cooked at the Ravito.

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